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Eeeeu. Thank you @jbeechi #virdiestorie uuh. Oky.
1. Spiderman is die bom se bom💃👌
2. I suck at saving money #spenditallonuselessshit☝️😐
3. I want to join the British airforce.
4. I’m afraid of heights, but want to go skydiving.
5. Hate bugs!!!!! HATE them!!!
6. I’m definitively a daddy’s girl.
7. I’d die if i have to live in the city. #plaaslewe soos ‘n baas😎💁
8. Love shoes, hate wearing them✌️
9. @luke_is_a_penguin #enigetyd #asbjaa😍
10. #bakkietiepemens
11. I want to travel Africa… #saamdieding @corinne7lourens ⛺️
12. Ben Howard, The Fray, The Maine, The Killers, Glaskas and All Time Low 🙌👌
13. Die shit is stupid.. En moelik. @jbeechi.
14. Table tennis… is my bitch😂😏
15. I want to be President!
16. #dirtbikes🙆
17. Don’t like dolphins or horses.
18. I have a bearded dragon💁
19. My biggest fear is… needles! 😐
20. Love taking photos 📷

OKY… Finally. Ek nominate…
&… @sumarie_b
K. Jaa. #diegoedisdom

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